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Daewoo TV Remote Controls

Model NumberRemote
ID Number
Part Number
DDQ-20L6C R-52A01 48B5552A01
DDQ-20L6SC R-52A01 48B5552A01
DDQ-9H1SC RN3051A 390110689
DLN-17D3 48B5647A01 48B5647A01
DP-42GM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DP-42GM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DP-42SM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DP-42SM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DP-42WM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DP-42WM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DP-50GM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DP-50GM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DP-50SM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DP-50SM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DSC-30W60 R-V3 49B00RV3
DSC-34W70 R-37D08 49B00R37E
DSJ-4710 R-52D04 48B5552D04
DSJ-5510 R-52D04 48B5552D04
DSJ-6000LN RD-50N 49B00RD50N
DSP-4210GM R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DSP-4210GM R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DSP-4280LVS R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DSP-4280LVS R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DSP-4280NVS R-V28A 49B00RV28E
DSP-4280NVS R-V28A 49B00RV2AE
DTQ-13P2FC R-38T01 48B3738T01
DTQ-13P2FCW R-38T01 48B3738T01
DTQ-13P3FC R-38T01 48B3738T01
DTQ-13V1FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-13V1FCN R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-13V1FCN R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-13V1FCN R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-13V4FC R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-13V4FC R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-13V4FC R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-13V4SCN R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-13V5FC R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-13V6FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-13V6FCB R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-13V6FCP R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-1423FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-1429FN 4850N09B00 4850N09B00
DTQ-1430FN 4850N09B00 4850N09B00
DTQ-1446FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-14J2FC R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-14N2FC R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-14N2FCW R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-14N3FC R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-14P1FC R-33B 48B2133B05
DTQ-14U5SC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-14U5SC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-14V1FCN R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-14V4SCN R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-14V5FC R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-14V5FC R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-14V5FC R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-19P2FC R-38T01 48B3738T01
DTQ-19P3FC R-38T01 48B3738T01
DTQ-19V1FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-19V1FC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-19V1FCN R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-19V1FCN R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-19V4FC R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-19V4FC R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-19V4FC R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-19V4SCN R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-19V5FC R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-19V5FC R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-19V5FC R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-19V6FC R-43A02 48B4343A02
DTQ-19V6FC R-43A02 924-10115
DTQ-19V6FC R-43A02 924-10116
DTQ-19V6FCB R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-19V6FCP R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-19Z4SC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-2023FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-2029FN 4850N09B00 4850N09B00
DTQ-2030FN 4850N09B00 4850N09B00
DTQ-2040FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-2046FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-2061FC R-18B02 48BON0218B
DTQ-20J2FC R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-20N2FC R-25B03 48B3225B03
DTQ-20N3FC R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-20P1FC R-33B 48B2133B05
DTQ-20T1FC R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-20U4SC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-20U6SC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-20V1FCM R-48C04 48B5748C04
DTQ-20V1FCN R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-20V4SCN R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-2133SM R-48C04 48B5748C04
DTQ-25G1 R-35H13 48B3235H13
DTQ-25G4FS R-35H13 48B3235H13
DTQ-25S2FC R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-25S2FCV R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-25S3FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-25S5FC R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-2605FC 48BON2118 48BON2118C
DTQ-26S1FC R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-27S2FCV R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-27S3FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-27S3FCN R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-27S4FC R-43A01 48B4343A01
DTQ-27S5FC R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-27U1SC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-27U4SC R-43A07 48B4343A07
DTQ-27U8SC R-43A08 48B4343A08
DTQ-29G1 R-35H13 48B3235H13
DTQ-29G4FS R-35H13 48B3235H13
DTQ-29S1FCN R-25C04 48B3225C04
DTQ-29U4SCV R-48C04 48B5748C04
DVK-14F6N R-35A01 48BR35A01
DVN-14F6N R-35A01 48BR35A01
DVN-14F6NW R-35A01 48BR35A01
DVN-20F6N R-35A01 48BR35A01
DVN-20F6NW R-35A01 48BR35A01
DVQ-13H1FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-13H2FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-14H1FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-14H2FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-19H1FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-19H2FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-20H1FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-20H2FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVQ-9H1FC R-39A02 48B4139A02
DVT-1484N 97P1R40T01 97P1R40T01
DVT-1484NC 97P1R40T01 97P1R40T01
DVT-1485N 97P1R40T01 97P1R40T01
DVT-2084N 97P1R40T01 97P1R40T01
DVT-9234N 97P1R11K00 97P1R11K00